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This is where we say something cool about ourselves... if we can find anything... this may be a stretch


Jeff Greene - CEO and Fearless leader (except for his wife... he's scared of her)

So, this is Jeff's BIO where we put something impressive or inspirational... 

              .. but we got nuthin....

Jeff talks a lot, can't take himself seriously, and loves his Goldendoodle (who if we're being honest, we also love). For a good time, call someone else.


Jeff also likes chicken nuggies 


Tom Spencer - Co Founder / RnD Expert
(and a big hunka-burnin' love)

Tom's one of the originals. A founding father if you will.


His insight into fabrication, metal working, and the steel target industry broke the very ground we are walking on today (here at FragOut)... let's not go overboard and get too dramatic here.


Jason Manderbach

We still need to get a picture of Jason and make his bio look sweet and sexy, but honestly, this picture sums up his life.

Jason is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful businesses, and loves nothing more than his daughter. Now that we think about it, this picture is perfect.

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