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C-Zone Silhouette - 1/2" AR500
  • C-Zone Silhouette - 1/2" AR500

    Are you looking for a silhouette package that you can shoot with a rifle closer than 50 yards? Look no further. Our full size C-Zone Silhouette ensures that you can engage this AR500 Steel target at closer distances with the confidence that your safety is not at risk. The Mounting arm is engineered to create a forced downward angle, so that all spawling and fragmentation deflects into the ground. 

    • Specs

      • Steel: 1/2" AR500
      • Mounting Options: Fixed Arm Mount
      • Rating: Rifle (.556, 308, 300Blk, .30-06)
      • Recommended Safe Distance: 25yds +
    • Return Policy

      If you have any problems whatsoever with this product, we'll fix it, or provide you with a full refund. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction, so we try and make it easy for you to return our products, because we're confident you never will.

    PriceFrom $195.00